Change Whisperer – Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc.

You can’t get there from here

Sometimes when we start we don’t really even know where “there” is (or sometimes, frankly, where “here” is).  Such statements are made light heartedly, but not lightly.

We may have a directional sense but perhaps not a definitive sense. 

In planning, the very first hypothesis has to be that “here” is either no longer the right place, soon will not be the right place, or maybe that there could be a better place.  Deciding, or even validating direction is something that must be evaluated, i.e. we cannot get “there” until we move to interim place – a place where we can clearly see “there”.

If we were pioneering new territory we would find a hill, or better yet a mountain, and begin to survey the landscape. Once we had that view, we would consult with others to evaluate our options on getting there – and there are usually as many opinions as there are people. We would decide, one way or another, and set out with excitement and optimism.

Inevitably some terrain is pleasant and easy and some is challenging, fatiguing and depressing.  We are tested – our will, our vision, our teamwork.  Perseverance becomes paramount.

When we do reach our destination we are exhausted but elated and energized.

The journey requires many synchronized efforts: leadership, vision, planning, logistics, etc.  It requires the management of people, processes and stuff – a symphony [Symphini] of activities. 

There is a beautiful saying, most often attributed as an African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”   More on this in my next post.

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