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New Year’s Resolutions – to change? why? do they stick?

Dec 29, Toronto, Ontario: For the past several years I have challenged myself with New Year’s Resolutions. True, this game is not for everyone.  Currently I am running a poll on my LinkedIn – granted not a representative sample group and the number of respondents is not representative either – but this is really intended as experimental amusement, not science.  Have a look, here: and go ahead, vote.  It’s anonymous and no one will get hurt.

The question is “Do you make New Year’s resolutions to change your behavior?”  Of course that opens up a world of follow-on questions for which this may become the forum … ?  What kinds of resolutions?  Do you write them down?  Do you think about them after January? Is it a positive leading approach or a guilty push? 

Surely the notion of a blank slate is intoxicating – a year ahead where anything can happen – a year of potential for miracles big and small.  On the small side, is the promise that I can find more work / life balance, lose a little weight and maybe even  make a little difference in this huge world.

Curious to how others, from different walks of life, perceive the new year … can we change the trajectory of our lives? Of the lives of those around us, near or far?

Is a personal promise compelling? Effective? Do we benefit from accountability – from telling others? from having others tell us?

I will be mulling this over during the next couple of days and will update this blog post.  Do you have comments?  Come on and play along – tell us what YOU think about New Year’s Resolutions. 

Looking for some inspiration?  One of my colleagues on LinkedIn was ahead of me and has written and published her ‘Christmas Wishes’  here – thanks for sharing Faith.  Me, I need accountability … more on that later.

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