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Top 5 Questions for Leaders responsible for Strategic Change results

We ask these questions because leading and managing change is the economic imperative of our generation. It’s not enough to know what to change – organizations must deliver … and deliver, and deliver.

Every organization struggles with it.  And this is why we have invested in Change Management mastery. What does it take?  The top 5 questions for leaders:

  1. Is driving results out of strategic change initiatives truly a top priority for you?  Enough so that you are prepared to change what you do to get it done?
  2. Has your team failed, or fallen short, often enough to know what it takes to succeed? Have they seen Change Management mastery?
  3. How much is enough? i.e. if mastery of leading and managing change requires ~50% of a leader’s time – where is that time coming from? And is a little Change Management (or junior CM capability, eg “Communications” or “Training”) in a project enough to achieve masterful results?
  4. If your organization is implementing strategic change across multiple SBUs or departments why wouldn’t you create organizational competence, capability and capacity?
  5. Would a shortfall of 2%, 5% or 10% make Change Management important enough to invest in mastery?

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