Change Whisperer – Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc.

“Rethink, Reimagine, Reset”

Please do read this blog post “Rethink, Reimagine, Reset” – Idris Mootee, CEO of Idea Couture, is the author of four books, tens of published articles, and a frequent speaker at business conferences and executive retreats. His post challenges us to think harder about leveraging existing technology to improve the world around us. 

My response?  Here we go:

Agree completely – vehemently. I hear a call to action to leaders to THINK HARDER – good intentions are no substitute for good work.  And nothing less than great strategy and great execution will preserve our standard of living. Shake ups are required – paradigm shifts.

Not convinced? Peer into the future by considering the trends described here :

“For the first time since Bloomberg BusinessWeek began its annual Most Innovative Companies ranking in 2005, the majority of corporations in the Top 25 are based outside the U.S.”. 

And, by the way, expand your horizon beyond the US to the North America continent – there are ripple effects.

It is not clear that technology innovation alone will compensate for the gross growth we are losing however there is likely no single silver bullet – we need to think in terms of ‘and’ not ‘or’

I particularly embrace Mootee’s call to action:

We don’t even need to look into the future, just look around us, there are plenty of technologies that allow us to change the world. We just need more design thinking and imagination.

This reminds me of one of my favorite affirmations – a quote from Teddy Roosevelt:

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have!”

This is the start – the thin edge of the wedge. Critical to creating traction for change.

Next?  We can ignore the change that is evidencing itself around us (and by all accounts we do this very successfully) but until we acknowledge that fundamental shifts in our economies are occurring we cannot begin to change the trends.

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