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“The Lords of Strategy”: book review

Outstanding! Relevant to those engaged in making change happen – strategy, consulting, implementation or all three.  It becomes clear that as strategy has evolved, particularly over the past 3 decades affecting most Executives today, very different approaches have influenced, and continue to influence strategic choices.

Of particular interest to those leading and managing change: attempts to factor in the human element are considered nascent, emergent. Chapter 9 is an excellent review of the current context and in the final pages Kiechel notes Keynes’s famous “animal spirits” concluding: “For most of strategy’s history, those are precisely the factors that the paradigm hasn’t found a way to work into its calculations. If the discipline is to continue to be of service, it will have to find that way.” continue reading here

Does social media change us? Yes – bullying as a case study

Social media is shaping our buying patterns, our opinions and our cultures.  What will this mean to our economies, our world views and our ways of life?  We thought we were already globalized but this, potentially, takes it to another level.

Understanding the dynamics of how we are changed through our interaction in this new media and how we change others through it, is more than an academic interest – in the largest sense it will impact the strategies, and outcomes, of businesses and nations.  How can we use it deliberately, and responsibly, to effect change within projects, within companies and within communities? To effect standards around behaviours? Bullying on LinkedIn is a great case study. continue reading here