Change Whisperer – Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc.

“New normal”: adaptation required

All of us – Leaders, Managers, Employees – must think differently about our roles in this “new normal”.  However, this will not come naturally.  The new mindsets must be adopted at the top and actively and deliberately cascaded through the organization.

Leaders, how will you get your people to embrace the changes that are required to keep the organization productive and competitive?

Our latest white paper has identified 3 channels of execution (individual, group and organizational) and 3 capability dimensions (capacity, competencies and culture) that intersect to produce 9 “pistons” of change (FYI, most often program and project change is only permitted to function within 2 of these 9). Maybe your organization already excels at, and integrates, all 9 in this framework to deploy both short-, mid- and long-term change – this is rare (think unicorn).

Maybe the magnitude of change, or the imperative of the change, warrants a review of the organization’s ability to change.  Quality of adaptability, speed and effectiveness, will directly and immediately impact the results (whether cost savings or revenue generation).  The faster and the more deeply our people embrace new mindsets and behaviours the faster our organizations can benefit – at a project and organizational level.

What drives us is a deep conviction that our futures are linked.  When our organizations are healthy, productive and competitive it flows into our economies and our communities. We believe that innovation is a part of the answer for all of us and that change management has a critical role to play in how well we will adapt to the innovation mindsets required in the “new normal”.

Our white paper “Call to Action: Power innovation bandwidth with the 9 pistons of the change management engine” is available here.

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