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Change Management podcasts, webinars and movies

moviesThese are the best podcasts, webinars and online “movies” on Change Management that I have foundmany recommended by other practitioners through LinkedIn Discussions.

If you know of more great ones please add by commenting.

Podcasts & Vlogs:


  • Members of The Association of Change Management Professionals are invited to attend monthly webinars.
  • Daryl Conner continues the brilliant work published in his previous books (“Managing at the Speed of Change” and “Leading at the Edge of Chaos”) through webinars here (and on his blog here )
  • Peter de Jager has several relevant webinars and podcasts here 


  • “Change is good … you go first”  (please search “Change is good movie” for some reason I cannot keep this link working)
  • “The Old Change Management”,  Dick Axelrod, related to his book “Terms of Engagement”
  • “The New Change Management”,  Dick Axelrod, related to his book “Terms of Engagement”
  • “Who moved my cheese” the movie here
  • “What is Organizational Change Management” Luc Galoppin here (and on his blog here)

Related to change but not specific to Change Management:

  • “Bronze Age Orientation Day” Monty Python here
  • “Did you know?” (re speed of change) here
  • “FISH!”  here (re culture)
  • “Lead like the great conductors” Itay Talgam here (re leadership)
  • “How great leaders inspire action” Simon Sinek here (re leadership, vision)
  • “Piano Staircase – can we make more people use the stairs by making it fun?” The Fun Theory here
  • “Watch me play … the audience” Bobby McFerrin at “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus” (fantastic example of a change leadership: engaging, leading by example, being authentic)


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This is a fantastic collection! Thank you for compiling it. Just one small correction: The Bronze Orientation Day video is by Mitchell & Webb, not Monty Python. It’s admittedly, um, Pythonesque, but much newer. 🙂

Comment by eryceyl

Thank you so much – it is Pythonesque. Appreciate you correcting that!

Comment by Gail Severini

I’d like to submit The Change Agent’s Dilemma to the list!

Comment by Heather Stagl

Great point Heather. You are producing some terrific content. I have updated the post. Thanks for writing.

Comment by Gail Severini

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