Change Whisperer – Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc.

Social Media – why should we be paying attention and how does it apply?

Social Media (SM) is a scrum (1) now.  All kinds of organizations, agencies, management consulting firms and independents are converging on the topic and kicking it around trying to convince prospects that they have it all figured out.  Well, we don’t pretend to have it all figured out (it’s not our specialty) but we all need to understand it and we will share our findings and resources here. First 3 reasons why it matters and then the beginnings of an informed point of view (POV).

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Evaluating Change Management expertise

How do you value and leverage deep Subject Matter Expertise ? e.g. retailers building or re-designing an online commerce site rely on web designers’ advice because only they know what works (e.g. what software to use, what ASP services, what usability, how to back it up, privacy standards across different countries, etc). What about challenges that are more complex, more ambiguous? Like Change Management.  How do you evaluate and leverage this?

Let’s start by agreeing that there is a difference in Change Management done well and done poorly (usually by rote).  How would a Leader assess this specialization?  (BTW an uncensored relationship between the Sponsor and the Change Management Subject Matter Expert (CM SME) is critical – any CM SME who doesn’t require it will not push hard enough to optimize results.)  continue reading here