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“Your brain on change management: advancements in neuroscience shed new light on the physiology of Change Management” guest post John P. Barbuto, MD

“Engage the hearts and minds of people in change”: motherhood!  This phrase is foundational in most change management practices.  However, it means something completely different to a man who has held a “mind” in his hands.  In this guest post Dr. John Barbuto, a most rare hybrid – a neurologist and a change management practitioner – enlightens us as to the history of this notion, points us to some great resources and challenges us to innovate our discipline with this new information.

Where did the notion of minds vs brains come from?

In 1641, René Descartes published “Meditations on First Philosophy” where he laid down the foundations for his brain concepts, later known as “Cartesian Dualism”: the notion that the mind and brain are separate (while both Plato and Aristotle had earlier opined on the subject, it is Descartes who is generally cited as originator of the perspective).
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Leadership Communication: “Weak Conversations Weaken, and Strong Conversations Strengthen” Guest post Bill Braun

Most acknowledge that communication is a key Leadership competency, but most also then dismiss it.  What would a truly exceptional strategic communicator sound like? How would this Leader inspire people? Move them, engage their ‘hearts and minds’ – their passion in the Enterprise?

Look no further than Bill Braun. In this guest post Bill explains that how leaders and managers invest their time in conversation can make or break commitment.

If nothing changes, nothing will change.

What is the likelihood that an organization that continues to have the same conversations will become a different organization?

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