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The power of change management. Pay it forward.

“To those whom much is given, much is expected.” ―John F. Kennedy

What do we do with what we have learned? What is our “obligation”?

There is no advertising on this site.  You might wonder why I give so much away. You might conclude, “Oh, it’s marketing.” Yes, it is marketing, but I could do marketing much more cheaply (time-wise) than by researching and sharing so much information on change management.

So, why?
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Top 10 Competencies for Change Agents

What competencies should leaders and agents excel at to be successful? Are you building a Community of Practice or Centre of Excellence?  What’s on your list?

Below is my top-ten list for change agents―with a bonus for change targets. A previous post provided my top ten list for change leaders.

Late addition: Some might ask why there is no mention of methodologies or tools here—to which I would like to quote my friend Tamara Moore “A fool with a tool is still a fool”.  Perhaps the two single most critical success factors in executing change are the quality of the sponsor and the agent.  So what makes for “quality”?
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Are you making a difference? Why change management?

I meet a lot more people these days who are interested in authenticity and making a difference.  I view this trend as a move in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs closer to self-actualization (i.e., money and status are surpassed as satisfactory rewards). This won’t resonate with everyone―you Gordon Gekkos of the world just won’t get this so you can stop reading right now.  However, for those interested in making a difference, we are on a mission aren’t we?

The unintended consequences of vacations

Maybe this post is a result of vacation.  Vacations are always a time of personal renewal and reflection, re-setting for the year to come.  This post was supposed to be about “the role of generosity in change management” but it morphed into this. As I untangled a mess of ideas around why generosity is so important in practicing change management (as in ‘generosity of spirit’ such as empathy, compassion, tolerance, patience) I started to think about why I got into this work in the first place.
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