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Change Management Conferences 2013

Conferences are an important professional development opportunity. Most provide best practices as well as innovation tracks (and the networking is terrific). Please note this is not an endorsement―just a list. I will let you know the ones we will attend. Let’s connect if you will be there also.

Many of the conferences for 2013 are being organized and announced now. In some cases, the “call for papers” is still open.

This post is all about change management conferences in the US and Canada.

I have also started tracking Strategy and Strategy Execution conferences. That post will be published shortly.
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Stepping up to “authentic” leadership
October 5, 2012, 2:29 am
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Here’s my own struggle with the word “authenticity”:  If it means “genuine”, or “true”, then it does not automatically imply any specific values (i.e., the values of the entity pre-exist). Most references to authenticity in leadership material presume that any pre-existing values that will manifest are good.

I am less impressed with our human race. It seems to me that greed and self-preservation are more base drivers than most of us want to admit. We don’t have far to look around the economic landscape of the last 10 years to find leaders who were very “authentic” (i.e., true to themselves), but whose greed caused great destruction.
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