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About Me—Gail Severini
November 4, 2012, 12:00 am
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Welcome! This is essentially a learning journal.  I write and share what I have learned on my own journey.  I hope that it is helpful to you on yours.

There are three main reasons why I do this. I believe:

  1. We stand (and fall) together:  When our organizations are more successful at Strategy Execution, our communities thrive. I see a direct, compounding link here.  We all make a difference.
  2. This work is hard and “can” is not a constraint: I have spent about half my career as an external consultant and about half inside of businesses making change happen. I understand the tension between “we should do this” and “we can do this.” I believe that the combination of deep capability, experienced insight and personal tenacity can drive more “can.”
  3. Humility is powerful: No matter how good we get, we can all be better.  I am a practitioner on a journey toward mastery with like-minded colleagues, like yourself.  Our capabilities can expand as innovations advance—if we are open to learning. Writing this blog is a part of that journey—capturing information, figuring out its relevance, and sharing and discussing it.

The material here, unless otherwise cited, reflects my own experience and opinions only. For greater clarity, I do not represent my current clients or employers – I speak only on my own behalf. 

What I bring to the table—formal bio

For more than 20 years, I have partnered with business leaders executing strategy.  I have led teams launching new products and services, as well as startups; negotiated strategic alliances and partnerships; and implemented reorganizations, business process re-engineering, and new technologies.


My professional profile is available on LinkedIn here.

I am well-versed in multiple Strategy Execution approaches and methodologies and bring advanced capability in: Conner Partners’ Change Execution Methodology; Project Management Institute’s Portfolio, Program and Project Management as well as Prosci’s Change Management Toolkit.  I am also experienced at blending and optimizing such off-the-shelf methodologies with custom approaches to create an organization’s “own” approach.

I have been recognized for expertise in fields of Strategy Execution and Organization Change Management (OCM).  I regularly deliver speaking engagements, publish here on “Change Whisperer” and co-manage one of the largest, global groups of OCM practitioners (currently 60K+ in Organizational Change Practitioners Group on LinkedIn).

Enough narcissism

Why you do what you do? Are you interested in Strategy Execution? In Program Management? In Change Management? What gets you up in the morning? What lights up your brain?

Please share in the comments section or contact me directly.

Contact information


Phone: 416 845-3040

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Hi Gail,

I thought you might enjoy a little different perspective on change management. I blog about change as a bit of a misfit but an effective misfit.

Good work and thanks,

Comment by joegergen

Thanks Joe. You have some great posts there. I will follow along. Are you on Twitter too? I am at “gailseverini”. Thanks for reaching out. Gail

Comment by Gail Severini

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