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Change Management Conferences 2015

TeamworkIs your organization is embarking on a transformational journey or building a highly competitive and agile culture?

Are you looking to deepen or broaden your understanding and capabilities in Change Management?

Attending a Change Management conference is a great immersion experience.  

I do this post annually and try to capture the key conferences for the year.  In the past I have listed only North American and Canadian conferences, this year I expanded the list to global.  Please share in the comments if you know of others.

Please note this is not an endorsement―just a list. I will let you know the ones I will attend. Let’s connect if you will be there also.

[Late addition: The work of creating and sustaining strategic change is, of course, not just about the narrow and deep specialization of change management.  The ability to think and care about change also requires what Jennifer Frahm calls “horizontal” learning.  Check out her post “2015 Conferences – on the horizon of change”.

 And, stay tuned, soon I will publish an updated “Strategy and Strategy Execution Conferences”.]






  • “Global Strategic Leadership Summit”,  Oct 14 – 16, 2015, Washington DC, Metro Area, Maryland, USA. (While this conference covers Strategy Execution broadly there are several tracks that address Change Management including “Leading and Sustaining Organizational Change”.  I will be speaking at this conference on “Transformation: Top Down or Bottom Up”. 


Do you know of a conference that I missed? Please add it in the comments section or email me at and I will update the list.

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As always, thanks for the list.

Comment by Faith Fuqua-Purvis

Such great value, thank you Gail – now if I can just create some slack in the change plan I am developing for an October 1 Go-live to get away to one of them! I’ve actually just published a similar post, but one focusing on the horizontal learning opportunities provided to change practitioners.

Comment by jen frahm (@jenfrahm)

Thank you Faith and Jennifer for reading and commenting. Jennifer, your list is amazing and what a wonderful way to think about fuller learning. I will revise this post to reference yours so that readers here can find it more directly.

Comment by Gail Severini

[…] right on cue – Gail Severini over at the Change Whisperer has published her 2015 version of the Change Management Conferences to go to – these are what I […]

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