Change Whisperer – Gail Severini, Symphini Change Management Inc.

Leaders: What is the single most powerful technique to build commitment (and defuse resistance) for your strategy?

A question.  Actually a conversation of questions and lots of listening. Why? Because it’s not what you know that will engage your people – it’s what they know.

So, what do they “know”? What do they believe about this strategy / change initiative / project? If they trust you enough to be candid, you are likely to be surprised – perhaps shocked – and even enlightened.
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Leadership Communication: “Weak Conversations Weaken, and Strong Conversations Strengthen” Guest post Bill Braun

Most acknowledge that communication is a key Leadership competency, but most also then dismiss it.  What would a truly exceptional strategic communicator sound like? How would this Leader inspire people? Move them, engage their ‘hearts and minds’ – their passion in the Enterprise?

Look no further than Bill Braun. In this guest post Bill explains that how leaders and managers invest their time in conversation can make or break commitment.

If nothing changes, nothing will change.

What is the likelihood that an organization that continues to have the same conversations will become a different organization?

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Social Media – why should we be paying attention and how does it apply?

Social Media (SM) is a scrum (1) now.  All kinds of organizations, agencies, management consulting firms and independents are converging on the topic and kicking it around trying to convince prospects that they have it all figured out.  Well, we don’t pretend to have it all figured out (it’s not our specialty) but we all need to understand it and we will share our findings and resources here. First 3 reasons why it matters and then the beginnings of an informed point of view (POV).

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The 3 benefits of blogging that go far beyond marketing

Why do Seth Godin and Tom Peters blog? Apparently not a simple answer – their short comments here got me thinking.  Why do I blog? I have come to realize that, strangely, it’s not about marketing.  We started with that objective, and the blog does generate marketing, but we have found deeper benefits.

Why might you care?  Well, if you are trying to figure out social media marketing – how to use LinkedIn, Plaxo,blogs, twitter, etc – we may have similar experiences worth comparing notes on.  I will go first.  continue reading here

Does social media change us? Yes – bullying as a case study

Social media is shaping our buying patterns, our opinions and our cultures.  What will this mean to our economies, our world views and our ways of life?  We thought we were already globalized but this, potentially, takes it to another level.

Understanding the dynamics of how we are changed through our interaction in this new media and how we change others through it, is more than an academic interest – in the largest sense it will impact the strategies, and outcomes, of businesses and nations.  How can we use it deliberately, and responsibly, to effect change within projects, within companies and within communities? To effect standards around behaviours? Bullying on LinkedIn is a great case study. continue reading here