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“You’re a little loopy when you’re hungry.” Working at the limits of change capacity

You're a little loopy when you're hungry graphicI always laugh when I see the new Snickers commercials—I admit it, I sometimes even rewind them.

They remind me that “You’re not yourself when you’re under the stress of change.”

Have you seen Robin Williams on your projects lately? This is the “Fourth and loopy” commercial where the usually very intense and focused coach is momentarily an incarnation of Robin Williams.

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Leading strategy? Vicarious rejuvenation. Post 3 of 3

 “The whales sing, not because they have an answer. They sing because they have a song.” —Andrew Stevenson

Endurance cropped with nameThere is no substitute for getting away from it all.

Displacement is a powerful rejuvenation technique.

For six hours on March 14th we forgot everything. We focused only on finding whales. I hope this story will “take you away” for a few minutes. continue reading here

Leading strategy? The three key ingredients for rejuvenation. Post 2 of 3

You can go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay in Bermuda.” —Mark Twain

Castle IslandThere are, of course, many compelling reasons to take a vacation, but here is one that reconciles with your business objectives.

Go slow to go fast.

To bring our best selves forward to complex and high-pressure strategy, we need clear minds and fulsome spirits.
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Leading strategy? The business case for rejuvenation. Post 1 of 3

“Going faster and faster leads either to immediate lift off or eventually to a grinding halt. Slow down to go faster.”—Gail Severini

whale fluke March 14 with citationExecuting strategy is exhausting―both physically and emotionally.

It requires double-timing at very stressful and often long-term initiatives.

Everyone needs to find ways to re-charge, re-fresh, re-juvenate.

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